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Los Angeles born and raised Naomi Quiñonez is a poet, educator and cultural activist.  She is the author of three collections of poetry, Hummingbird Dream/Sueño de ColibriThe Smoking Mirror and The Exiled Moon. She is a recent recipient of The City of Berkeley’s Lifetime Achievement Award in poetry.  Quiñonez edited several critical and literary publications including Invocation L.A: Urban Multicultural Poetry, which won the American Book Award, Decolonial Voices: Chicana Chicano Studies in the 21st Century and Caminos Magazine.  She is co founder of the Bay Area Librotraficante network, a founding member of the Los Angeles Barrio Writer’s Workshop and she offers poetry and literacy workshops to diverse communities in the California. In addition to holding a PhD in American History and contributing to the scholarship of Latino/as and women of color, Quiñonez is part of a larger genre of U.S. writers of color and has appeared in programs with Quincy Troupe, Cherie Moraga and Luis Rodriguez.  Her work has appeared in many publications including the Colorado ReviewInfinite Divisions and From Totems to Hip Hop. Quiñonez is the recipient of a Rockefeller Fellowship, the American Book Award, and a California Arts Grant, She is featured in Notable Hispanic Women and the Dictionary of Literary Biography.  She currently resides in Oakland, California, where lecturers in Ethnic Studies at CSU East Bay.