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Exiled Moon

Naomi Helena Quiñonez’s work has appeared in many publications including the Colorado Review, Infinite Divisions, and From Totems to Hip Hop. Quiñonez is the recipient of a Rockefeller Fellowship, the American Book Award, and a California Arts Grant.

“As a Xicana poet, activist and historian I set my poetic sights on the geographical, economic, social and spiritual borders that create inequalities and various forms of exile. To me the moon is the symbol for the divine feminine and the divine feminine is in exile in our patriarchal world. Exiled Moon, my most recent poetry collection, offers truth to power, bearing witness to the contradictions, injustices and traumas that relegate many individuals, cultures and communities to the margins of society. The experiences, struggles and resiliency of Latinas and women of color figure prominently in my work.”

Many of the poems in this collection celebrate the power of the collective spirit to fuel resistance, to take action and to transcend exclusion by creating new centers of existence away from the shadows of exile.  Exiled Moon lays bare the many nuances of exile and serves to remind, encourage and urge readers to look closely at adverse conditions women, families, communities and nature must confront.  It is a call to take action in some way, whether it’s raising one’s voice, one’s fist or one’s own consciousness.